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Loan Pre-Qualifying Is Easy - No Credit Check!
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After your $14.78 payment you will be directed to the 
Pre-Qualification Review Authorization Short Form
USA - Canada and Australia

How it works:

  1. Every loan program has its own set of requirements and rules. As a result, the simple question "How much can I borrow?" can be difficult to answer without a careful analysis of your personal situation. Loan agents frequently call this analysis "qualifying" (or "pre-qualifying" if you do this before you actually apply for a loan).
  2. You submit your information including the amount of the loan you want to borrow, from $1000 to $225,000
  3. Along with your submission you will include basic information about what you want the loan for and your current situation.
  4. Our team of experts will review all of your submitted information and using our tested unique formula, we will let you know if you meet the requirements of most lenders for the loan you want.
  5. Our Pre-Qualifying saves you hours of time, unnecessary credit inquiries (which can actually hurt your credit score) and help prepare you for the next step.
  6. When you Pre-Qualify, you are not actually applying for a loan and it is not the same as a Pre-Approval. In a Pre-Approval, you go through all the steps of actually applying for a loan and have your credit checked at the credit bureaus, submit your income statements, etc.
    In our Pre-Qualify Submission...We do not require this additional information!
  7. It is to your advantage to pre-qualify for a loan before actually applying. By pre-qualifying for a given loan amount, you can comfortably shop for a lender and loan you can afford. 

We will appraise your information and offer the review based upon our years of experience. You will be notified of the results of your Pre-Qualification Review either by email, phone or regular mail within 72 hours. Longer if by standard postal service mail. 
Note that if U.S. Postal Service notification is sent, the timing is not of our control.

I agree to the $14.78 Pre-Qualification Review Fee 
This is a one-time fee (good for 1 year) and further understand that this is a non-refundable fee. This fee does not imply that I will get a loan or that I will be offered a loan.
This is a Pre-Qualification Form Review Fee only and does not entitle me to any other services of EGM Corporation or it's affiliates or memberships. You are not actually applying for a loan at this time.

Note: After your $14.78 payment, look for the button "Return to Merchant" on your the bottom right side of your browser window and click to be directed to the Pre-Qualification Review Authorization Short Form.



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